Washington, D.C. – On Apr. 2, the Charity & Security Network (C&SN) joined over 80 civil society and faith-based organizations signing a letter delivered to President Biden, objecting to the administration’s recent decisions to send more weapons – including over a thousand 2,000 pound bombs – while falsely certify that Israel’s war on Gaza complies with U.S. humanitarian legal requirements. 

In the months following the Oct. 7 attacks and subsequent devastation in Gaza, C&SN has joined like-minded civil society groups and called – several times – for an immediate ceasefire, warned against the potential of a broader regional war, urged the U.S. to restore funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) as an essential lifeline for delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, and coordinated to launch Ceasefire.com – a digital toolkit to support grassroots advocacy and pressure members of Congress to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. 

Providing arms to Israel violates U.S. law under Section 620I of the Foreign Assistance Act under 22 U.S.C. § 2378–1, which prohibits recipients of U.S. security assistance from obstructing humanitarian aid. Numerous humanitarian groups have documented Gaza-bound aid obstruction imposed by Israel. C&SN previously signed a letter to Biden expressing this point, and reiterated the importance of upholding U.S. law again by signing the letter on Apr. 2.

The letter calls on President Biden to take four specific steps:

  1. Recognize that the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza violate U.S. law and the national security memorandum.
  2. Suspend the transfer of all weapons to the Israeli government as required by U.S. law and the national security memorandum.
  3. Use American leverage to secure an immediate, permanent ceasefire, the unimpeded opening of all land crossings to humanitarian aid, the release of all hostages and political prisoners, and the reconstruction of Gaza.
  4. Pursue a just and lasting peace through an end to the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies.

“The American people do not want a change in rhetoric,” the letter states. “The American people want a concrete change in policy… Risking your presidential legacy and the reputation of our nation around the world to enable the Netanyahu government’s genocide has been a disastrous decision. We implore you to reverse course before thousands more die.”

C&SN will continue to monitor the situation in Gaza and advocate for unimpeded humanitarian access to flow to people in need.