Liz Hume, Vice President
Alliance for Peacebuilding

Lindsay Hamsik, Senior Manager, Humanitarian Policy
Princess Bazley-Bathea, Director, Together Project
Hina Shamsi, Director, National Security Project
Dawn Sikorski, Corporate Counsel
Islamic Relief USA

Mike Merryman-Lotze, Middle East Program Director
American Friends Service Committee

Dalell Mohmed, Executive Director*
Matthew Chrastek, Coordinator
American Relief Coalition for Syria
Kari Reid, Director, Policy and Advocacy
Mercy Corps
Brenda Abdellal, Attorney
Bridge Strategies LLC
Joel Charny, Director
Norwegian Refugee Council USA
Kevin van Bronkhurst, National Standards Associate
Council on Foundations
Derek Brown, Executive Director
Peace Appeal Foundation
Sue Udry, Executive Director*
Defending Rights and Dissent
Lara Kalwinski, General Counsel
Relief International
Ursala Knudsen-Latta, Legislative Representative for Peacebuilding Policy
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Kamran Choudry, General Counsel
Zakat Foundation of America
Tracey Durner, Senior Analyst
Global Center on Cooperative Security
Arjun Sethi
Naz Modirzadeh, Director
Jessica Burniske, Law and Policy Associate
Program on International Law and Armed Conflict
Harvard Law School
Prof. Sue Smock, Retired
Wayne State University

* Executive Committee Member