The Charity & Security Network is a resource and advocacy center for nonprofit organizations to promote and protect their ability to carry out effective programs that promote peace and human rights, aid civilians in areas of disaster and armed conflict, and build democratic governance.

While anyone can help us advance this mission by making a donation today, membership in the Charity & Security Network is reserved for civil society stakeholders, including organizations and their staff, volunteers, board members, grantmakers, religious leaders, and academics, as well as lawyers and experts that represent nonprofits.

Members enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Opportunities to participate in working groups, educational events, and collaborative advocacy campaigns.

  • Member-only updates and analysis in emails and membership calls.

  • Networking and coalition building opportunities with a wide range of civil society actors working in peacebuilding, humanitarian, and human rights spaces.

Becoming a Member

If your organization would like to become a member, please fill out our organizational membership form here.

If you’re connected to the nonprofit sector through your work, volunteering, or advising and want to become an individual member, please fill out our individual membership form here.

We don’t have membership dues, but contributions are essential for our work and are highly encouraged. Financial contributions help us continue to fight for you and your ability to do your work. They support the training, working groups, political advocacy, legal resources and collaboration that make C&SN an effective resource and advocacy hub for our community.

Donations can be made online, or you can send checks to:

NEO Philanthropy
45 W. 36th Street
Floor 6
New York, NY 10018

Please write “C&SN Membership” in the Memo section of the check.

For organizations, we suggest following this sliding scale based on your organization’s annual budget to support our network:

Annual Budget Suggested Contribution
Up to $1 Million $500
$1 Million to $2.5 Million $1000
$2.5 Million to $5 Million $2,000
$5 Million to $10 Million $3,500
$10 Million to $20 Million $5,000
$20 Million and above $7,500

Member Testimonials

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) America is a proud partner and financial supporter of the Charity & Security Network. CSN is the premier human rights and peacebuilding advocacy organization. When it comes to the impact of international sanctions on civil society organizations, no other organization brings forth the expertise and background CSN does. In addition, they provide much-needed advocacy and research leading to tangible solutions that help inform long-term positive community outcomes. 

Ted Hart
President and CEO
CAF America and CAF Canada

The Charity and Security Network brings a unique and valuable perspective to the debate over the costs and impacts of U.S. counter-intelligence programs in the U.S. and abroad. By uniting a broad array of charities, advocacy groups and others, CSN has succeeded in opening a dialogue with policymakers and paved the way for essential reforms. Defending Dissent Foundation is a founding member of the Charity and Security Network and has greatly benefited from being a part of this forward leaning and effective project.

Sue Udry
Executive Director
Defending Dissent Foundation

The Charity & Security Network (CSN) is a principled and effective advocate for civil society actors operating on the front lines of peace and security.  CSN has succeed in drawing attention to counterterrorism laws and policies that unduly or inadvertently restrict civil society actors. More importantly, however, CSN has demonstrated its effectiveness in working constructively with governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders to address those deficiencies and craft policies that both protect security and provide an enabling environment for civil society.

Jason Ipe
Deputy Director
Global Center on Cooperative Security

The Charity and Security Network is a unique and crucial organization. They both advocate for better policy and assist charities as they deal with the complicated intersection of humanitarian work and national security law. Their team is comfortingly knowledgeable about the issues and is refreshingly accessible. Our organization has directly benefited from their hard work and expertise, and civil society as a whole is better off because of CSN. We encourage other organizations to support the CSN network financially if they can.

Asif Khan
Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Charity and Security Network is the one organization that truly advocates in our behalf. Issues such as banking, access, peacebuilding measures and our staffs’ security on the ground are advocated and kept alive when they are needed the most. Kay and her staff are always just a phone call away being my one stop shop for information and/or solutions.

Dalell Mohmed