Friday, March 9, 2018

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Ever since FATF revised its Recommendation 8 on nonprofit organizations in 2016, countries must conduct a terrorist financing risk assessment of the nonprofit sector. FATF requires government outreach to NPOs for these assessments, which are supposed to shape targeted, proportionate measures that only apply to NPOs at risk.
How are governments and NPOs dealing with this process? How do risk assessments affect regulation of NPOs? How are they done? How can NPOs impact the process?
Get answers from the experts:
*Ben Evans, Co-Founder and Senior Associate at the Greenacre Group, formerly with UK Charity Commission
*Yann Desclercs, Managing Director, Cornerstone Advisory, formerly Chief of Compliance, Citi Bank West Africa
*Andrew O’Brien, Dir. Policy and Engagement, Charity Finance Group (UK)

Read the the Global NPO Coalition on FATF’s handout: The ABCs for Risk Assessment of the Nonprofit Sector in Your Country

Event Date:  Friday, March 9, 2018