The Zionist Advocacy Center (TZAC) has announced the unsealing of a new case challenging the tax-exempt status of the New Israel Fund under New York state law. From the filings available at press time, it appears that the state of New York has declined to intervene.

The New Israel Fund (NIF) is a U.S.-based nonprofit grantmaking organization that has sponsored over $300 million to more than 900 Israeli civil society organizations since it was founded in 1979. Its key strategic areas in Israel include strengthening civil society, combating racism, and protecting democratic channels for minorities. Its programs range from protecting Holocaust survivors to improving the socio-economic inclusion of Israeli Arabs and rural communities. NIF advocates for their key issues in Israel  , and helps unite likeminded, progressive organizations to build an inclusive Israeli society .

On its Facebook page, TZAC stated that the case (case number 101260/2019 ), filed in August and unsealed four months later on Dec, 16, 2019, alleges that the NIF violated state tax laws by unlawfully interfering in Israeli elections. At press time, the complaint was not available online. The case was filed under State Finance Law §190, the state’s False Claims Act.

Previous cases filed by TZAC have focused on humanitarian aid, peacebuilding and human rights groups working in Palestine. More information on False Claims Act lawsuits can be found on the FCA section of our website.