June 14, 2021

The Zionist Advocacy Center (TZAC) has failed in another attempt to win a political motivated False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit against a charity that provides assistance to people in need in Palestine and around the world. The June 9, 2021 order dismissing TZAC’s suit against UK-based Christian Aid, said TZAC failed to demonstrate facts that would establish the court’s jurisdiction over Christian Aid. As a result, the case was dismissed without addressing the merits of TZAC’s claim.  It had argued that Christian Aid’s support to the Lebanese Physical Handicap Union (LPHU) for a jobs training workshop amounted to support for terrorism because LPJU hired Jihad al Binaa, which is on the U.S. terrorist list, to conduct it. TZAC said this made Christian Aid’s anti-terrorism certification to USAID a false statement. However, the order from Judge Kevin Castel of the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York noted that “TZAC has not asserted that Christian Aid actually knew about the association with Jihad al Binna…” (p. 8) See a full summary of the case here.