On Sept. 1, 2011 a federal appeals court reinstated the convictions for three former charity officials for conspiracy to defraud the IRS. Emadeddin Muntasser and two others were found guilty in January 2008 of fraudulently seeking tax-exempt status for their Massachusetts based charity, Care International. A U.S. District Court judge had later overturned the tax conspiracy convictions, saying the evidence didn’t support the verdict. The case has been sent back to the district court for sentencing.

On Jan. 11, 2008 the three men were convicted of tax fraud and making false statements because they did not include a description of their newsletter and its content in their tax-exempt status application and annual IRS Form 990 filings. The prosecution argued that the group supported jihadist movements in countries like Afghanistan through articles in its newsletter and postings on its website. The Defendants claimed that that “terrorism” evidence admitted to prove the conspiracy charges was so extensive, inflammatory and prejudicial that it must have spilled over into the jury’s consideration of their guilt on other charges.