Welcome to the Charity and Security Network (CSN) website! This project was created by U.S. nonprofits to shed light on an often overlooked problem: the negative impact the Patriot Act and related measures have had on the legitimate work of U.S. charities and foundations.

These negative consequences are the unintended result of short-term measures passed after 9/11 that were never intended to make it more difficult to provide aid in refugee camps, help build water sanitation facilities or teach conflict resolution skills. But that is what is happening. This can be fixed with cooperation and open-minded dialog about sensible solutions.

The Charity and Security Network (CSN) is dedicated to facilitating development and adoption of reforms that remove these unnecessary barriers. This site is intended to provide a one-stop resource for anyone who wants to learn more about and participate in the reform process. We hope you find it useful, and we encourage you to alert us to new developments, ideas and information gaps that need to be filled.

This is the first entry of our blog, which will feature commentary by leaders and experts from the nonprofit sector. Please visit frequently to see what’s new, sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter and become a supporter of charity and security change.

We wish to thank the Open Society Institute, Cordaid and the Global Fund for Women for their support of this project, which is sponsored by OMB Watch.

Kay Guinane

Program Manager