This section provides overview and analysis of the major cases on counterterrorism law affecting humanitarian aid and peacebuilding organizations. Here you will find a list of cases with links to summaries and analyses.

You can also view the most important cases involving counterterrorism law and humanitarian aid and peacebuilding organizations.

The most important cases impacting humanitarian aid and peacebuilding organizations (Humanitarian Law Project, KindHearts, and Holy Land Foundation) are listed at the top. The remaining cases are listed alphabetically below.

Humanitarian Law Project (HLP)

KindHearts for Charitable and Humanitarian Development, Inc. (KindHearts)

Holy Land Foundation (HLF)

Al-Haramain v. Bush

Al-Haramain v. Obama

Al-Haramain v. Treasury

Care International

Child Foundation

Chiquita Banana

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles v. National Security Agency

Life for Relief & Development v. Bank of America, NA

Pete Seda and Al-Haramain (Oregon)

Yassin A Kadi: Challenging His Terrorist Designation

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